APC Technology Group plc
APC Technology Group plc

Whether you are looking for regular component parts or hard to find stock – APC Locator’s experienced team of component buyers can help.

Using our global network of manufacturers and approved suppliers we can competitively source a wide range of products including Active, Passive, E-Mech, Displays and Opto devices and more – helping you overcome pricing, availability and quality issues.

Call us today on 0330 313 3129 or email your RFQ to locator@apcplc.com

January Hot Stock

ManufacturerPart NumberQuantity
Manufacturer:AlteraPart Number:5CEFA9F23I7NQuantity:4K
Manufacturer:AlteraPart Number:EP1C12Q240I7NQuantity:1K
Manufacturer:AlteraPart Number:EP2C8T144I8NQuantity:3K
Manufacturer:AlteraPart Number:EP3C25F324I7NQuantity:2K
Manufacturer:AlteraPart Number:EP4CE6F17I7NQuantity:5K
Manufacturer:XilinxPart Number:XC7A200T-2FBG676IQuantity:5K
Manufacturer:XilinxPart Number:XC7A35T-1FTG256CQuantity:1K
Manufacturer:XilinxPart Number:XC7K160T-1FBG676C Quantity:3K
Manufacturer:XilinxPart Number:XC7K160T-2FFG676I Quantity:6K

APC Locator is part of APC Technology Group plc.

With extensive technical design-in expertise, both within APC Locator and across our group, we understand your component requirements and can also provide further component level services including: Anti-counterfeit and testing services, Component repackaging, Retesting and requalification, Obsolescence management

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