RF and microwave switches

RF and microwave switches

RF and Microwave Switches

RF and Microwave switches use gold wire and gold plated leads which offer lower loss than other types of construction. For challenging system requirements demanding fast switching, API Technologies offers GaAs FET switches exhibiting switching speeds as low as 6 nse. Our Kovar product housings offer durability and resistance to shock and most severe environmental conditions. Kovar also provides resistance to Microphonics to improve repeatable performance.

When you purchase a switch, whether GaAs or PIN Diode, SPST to SPST, the device should perform flawlessly. We meet this requirement by incorporating 100% testing, hermetic sealing, and minimum 16 hour stabilization bake to 150°C. We cross most major manufacturer’s standard catalog parts and also improve performance over their existing designs.

APC Technology Group plc

API Technologies designs a large selection of broadband, high isolation switches including PIN diode and high speed GaAs designs in frequencies up to 22 GHz featuring exceptional low loss performance:

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