IPP launches new 90 degree SMD coupler

IPP launches new 90 degree SMD coupler

Innovative Power Products has introduced its latest 90 degree SMD coupler, available in the UK from APC RF & Microwave. The IPP-7148 coupler operates over the full 690-6000 MHz band, handles 130 watts CW and comes in a small SMD style package that is only 0.50 x 1.00 x 0.167 inches.

The IPP-7148 will combine two signals up to 130 Watts CW of total output power. This coupler has very good amplitude balance across the whole band and insertion loss of < 0.80 dB. The VSWR is less than 1.35:1 with greater than 16.5 dB of Isolation making them ideal for commercial, industrial or military applications.

APC RF & Microwave is the UK franchised distributor for IPP, a designer and manufacturer for applications in the RF and Microwave industries that offers a variety of broadband, high power couplers, combiners, RF power resistors and terminations operating up to 12 GHz.

IPP’s RF resistors, terminations and 90 degree drop-in hybrid couplers are RoHS compliant.

APC RF & Microwave offer a full range of IPP 90 couplers, in-phase combiners and directional couplers in the same or similar frequency bands for system level requirements.

ProductCoupler TypePowerFrequency (MHz)Package/Connector Type
Product:IPP-7118Coupler Type:90 degreePower:50WFrequency (MHz):690-6000Package/Connector Type:SMD Package
Product:IPP-2316Coupler Type:90 DegreePower:50WFrequency (MHz):700-6000Package/Connector Type:SMD Connectors
Product:IPP-1271Coupler Type:2 Way CombinerPower:125WFrequency (MHz):700-6000Package/Connector Type:SMA/SMA Connectors
Product:IPP-1271Coupler Type:4 Way CombinerPower:300WFrequency (MHz):700-6000Package/Connector Type:SMA/N Connectors
Product:IPP-3216Coupler Type:Dual DirectionalPower:250WFrequency (MHz):700-6000Package/Connector Type:N/SMA Connectors
Product:IPP-3189Coupler Type:Dual DirectionalPower:400WFrequency (MHz):690-6000Package/Connector Type:N/SMA Connectors

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