Leading the way in measurement and verification

Leading the way in measurement and verification

Proving performance for energy efficiency projects

We offer a comprehensive range of energy Measurement and Verification services for commercial energy saving initiatives. Our impartial analysis provides customers with the highest-quality proof of performance, enabling them to deliver proven energy efficiency information to management, customers, stakeholders or investors and to make informed future energy efficiency plans based on robust and proven data.

We are the UK’s leading Independent provider of performance information for the energy efficiency industry, offering IPMVP services delivered by an experienced team of expert and qualified practitioners (CMVPs).

These services include:

  • Performance Assurance
    A specialist strategic level review of an energy services contract, focused on identifying and managing financial, contractual and technical risk, and ensuring any performance guarantees are meaningful and can be enforced. This service empowers a client to hold their provider to account for performance, ensuring a properly designed Measurement and Verification process is built in from the outset.
  • IPMVP-Adherent Measurement and Verification
    Our most comprehensive service to measure and verify the performance of large-scale energy and water-saving projects over an extended period, e.g. for Energy Performance Contracting.
  • Slim Measurement and Verification Services Guided by IPMVP
    A lower cost ‘light touch’ M&V service providing a robust performance evaluation for a single technology (e.g. for a performance guarantee) or smaller scale energy and water-saving project, where the full service would not be financially viable.
  • Verification Service
    An independent third party review or audit of M&V undertaken in-house by contractors or customers. This ensures that any vested interests, perceived or otherwise, do not affect the balance of risk between the client and their delivery partner. We provide oversight and assurance that the process accords with IPMVP – or we make appropriate recommendations for action to achieve this standard.
  • Dispute Resolution Service / Expert Witness
    Impartial arbitration in the case of disagreement between customer and supplier as to the energy and financial savings delivered by an energy saving.
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Energy Efficiency Trends

Providing essential insight for consumers and suppliers of non-domestic energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency Trends is a research partnership between EEVS (our M&V division) and Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Energy Efficiency Trends is published quarterly and is the energy efficiency sector’s leading source of market intelligence.

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