Monitoring and control

Monitoring and control

Minimise Monitoring and Control gives real time visibility of your energy use. Minimise offers a range of solutions including our real time wireless system which can be installed without interruption to power supplies.

Our systems deliver data to validate that real savings are being delivered by energy efficiency projects as well as providing utility consumption data and critical asset monitoring.

Minimise Monitoring & Control offer you:

  • Real-time, accurate and detailed visibility of energy and other utility usage, allowing you to take control of waste and increase profitability.
  • Fast, easy fit, with no disruption: our solutions include wireless hardware which can be installed without interruption to power. These enable easy retro-fitting and integration with existing systems delivering real-time information immediately.
  • Simplicity of understanding and use: our bespoke software gathers all available data and displays information on dashboards and within a comprehensive reporting suite in a way that is easy to read, understand and act on.
  • Speedy Return on Investment: in many cases, ROI can be only a matter of months, thanks to delivered energy savings.

For more information about how our Monitoring and Control system can monitor energy, utilities, critical assets and conditions, contact Minimise Solutions on: