3D PLUS launches RIMC for DDR3 memory modules

3D PLUS launches RIMC for DDR3 memory modules

3D PLUS launches radiation intelligent memory controller, providing complete DDR3 memory solution

This May, 3D PLUS – the worldwide supplier of advanced high density 3D microelectronic products – has launched the radiation intelligent memory controller (RIMC) which works in conjunction with its DDR3 memory modules to achieve a global, radiation hardened DDR solution.

Available from APC Hi-Rel, 3D PLUS has more than 16 years’ space heritage, having sent 100,000 modules into space.

APC Technology Group plc

The new RIMC DDR3 is a fully configurable DDR3 SDRAM Radiation Intelligent Memory Controller. This IP core is designed to work with 3D PLUS DDR3 memory modules, and by its specific design, this IP Core prevents SEFI (It is a proven design and in tests, no SEFI were observed up to LET > 60MeV.cm2/mg).

It mitigates the SEU by using ECCs (Hamming or Reed Solomon) and includes scrubbing mechanisms to correct SEUs and SERE.

Key benefits:

  • Fully configurable RIMC to achieve a radiation hardened DDR3 solution
  • SEU and SERE mitigation
  • SEFI protection

Key features:

  •  Configurable via AMBA User interface – compliant AXI/AHB/APB
  •  User interface DDR PHY interface DFI 2.1 compliant
  • High-speed DDR3 memory controller (limitation 
depending on FPGA target)
  •  Selectable Error Correction Code (Hamming or 
Reed Solomon)
  • Configurable DDR3 ranks to increase memory 
  • Clock and ODT settings compatible with 3D PLUS
  • Selectable Burst of 4 or 8
  • User-definable scrubbing frequency
  • Selectable DRAM refresh time
  • Configurable User data width from 8 to 128 bits. 
 and flexible bus widths to match a wide range of FPGAs architectures
  • Targettable to multiple types of FPGA

Many customers have already benefitted from a DDR2 ecosystem featuring the RIMC core, together with the DDR2 memory and terminal regulator. 3D PLUS plan to offer the same level for DDR3.

APC Technology Group plc

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