Award Winning VEGA-8300E 8K Video Encoder

Award Winning VEGA-8300E 8K Video Encoder

Advantech VEGA-8300E wins 2020 Best of Show Special Edition Award

Recognising outstanding and newly introduced products, a panel of engineers and industry experts evaluated innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the broadcast industry. This is the third consecutive year that an Advantech product has received this award.

Advantech’s VEGA-8300E is a fully integrated 8K HDR live contribution encoder and streaming appliance. 8Kp60 10-bit 4:2:2 HEVC encoding technology is offered in a compact ultra-low-power form factor and accompanies a user-friendly web-based control and management interface. With 4 x SDI-12G video inputs and RTP / HLS / TSoIP streaming outputs, the VEGA-8300E is compatible with Amazon’s CloudFront streaming services.

We are honoured to receive this award and would like to congratulate our fellow winners as well as Future for its organization of the event given the current circumstances. By combining ultra-high-definition and high-dynamic range image quality with low-latency high-efficient compression and low power consumption, the Advantech VEGA-8300E accelerates the media industry’s adoption of 8K technology that will help deliver unprecedented live viewing experiences.

Ted Feng, Video Solutions Division Director at Advantech
APC Technology Group plc

Advantech VEGA-8300E features

  • 8K p60 HEVC real-time encode compact encoder platform
  • I, P & B-frame, 4:2:2 sampling & 10-bit color
  • 2SI & slice-mode encoding support
  • 4-ch SDI-12G inputs with 22.2-ch audio support
  • RTP/HLS/TSoIP streaming outputs, compatible with Amazon Cloudfront streaming services
  • Local/remote web-based configuration and management
  • Intel i7-7700 CPU with DDR4-2400 16GB memory
  • 2 x hot-swappable SATA3 HDD storage bays
  • Portable size with flexibility for rack-mount

8K or UHD-2 is gaining momentum due to new launches of high-resolution cameras and displays, new OTT viewing habits and improvements in distribution bandwidth facilitated in part by 5G. However, there remains a significant technical challenge to encode a live 8K source in real-time without acceleration.

Building on acceleration technology that Advantech has been refining over several years, the VEGA-8300E offers a robust, compact, ready-to-use solution for live 8K contribution encoding requirements including 4:2:2 chroma subsampling at up to 60fps. It can also be paired with an upcoming range of 8K professional decoder solutions to create point to point links or small multipoint distribution networks.

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