APC Time launches timing SLA

APC Time launches timing SLA

APC Time launches new service to maintain critical timing for customers

The accurate synchronisation of timing within IT networks is critical in highly digitized environments within the power, telecoms, IT, finance and broadcast sectors. Drops in time synchronisation not only results in system and efficiency issues but can have regulatory implications for organisations where timing accuracy must fall within certain parameters.

For more than 15 years, APC Time has provided high precision time synchronisation equipment from leading manufacturers including Meinberg, Oregano Systems, GPS Source, Arista and Pendulum Instruments.

Using our technical and product knowledge we have partnered with Edge Networks, a provider of field-based support services and managed network solutions, to bring our customers a new service that ensures your timing services are monitored and maintained at all times.

Our new timing service level agreement solutions are individually tailored to each customer, giving you the level of timing maintenance and performance to meet your network requirements.

Taking a two-fold approach, we ensure your critical timing services are maintained through:

  • Proactive strategies: monitoring, maintenance and interventions are employed on an ongoing basis to mitigate against future potential issues before they occur.
  • Reactive strategies: Should an issue occur, under our SLA you are guaranteed uptime and fix timeframes for essential timing services along with access to a wealth of equipment, manpower and technical expertise.

For more information visit our > timing service level agreements page or download our brochure below

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