Meinberg IMS and FDM to aid power substations

Meinberg IMS and FDM to aid power substations

APC Time offers a solution to power network ‘near-misses’

Meinberg’s Intelligent Modular System and Frequency Deviation Monitor can help identify early signs of grid strain.

Accurate monitoring of the National Grid has never been so important. An ever-increasing demand in recent years has put a massive strain on a provisioning system that only has a tolerance of 1% from generation to end-user.

Recent blackouts in the UK illustrate how UK power providers need to be able to react with increasing accuracy to any strain on the network. The more accurately the grid frequency can be monitored, the earlier warnings can be triggered, and actions taken to prevent blackouts from remote locations through to major cities.

When the strain on the grid does become too much, it is crucial that logs are correctly timestamped, to identify the exact sequence of events that caused the issue.

Whilst the National Grid has a robust monitoring solution in place, smaller, supporting substations are left responsible for their own monitoring. With various parts of the UK managed by different providers, there is no consistent method of frequency monitoring – meaning it can delay any responses to a failure in another part of the UK.

The Meinberg Intelligent Modular Synchronisation (IMS) Series, equipped with a Frequency Deviation Monitor (FDM) module, provides an affordable and highly-accurate frequency monitoring solution which can help smaller substations continue to support the National Grid in times of crisis.

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Meinberg IMS with FDM Module

Capable of operating at the substation level, an IMS equipped with FDM module is accurate to within 1mHz. Operating from 70 – 240V AC 50/60Hz, all data is recorded directly onto the unit and can be processed into reports when required. The IMS series can also be fitted with additional outputs for 1PPS, NTP and PTP synchronisation for other equipment that may be in use.

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With over 15 years’ experience, APC Time has unparalleled experience in designing, specifying and supporting time and frequency synchronisation systems within the UK and Ireland for a broad range of applications including power.

As the UK and Ireland exclusive distributor for German manufactured Meinberg timing products, we provide the innovation, quality and range of Meinberg systems, all built to order, backed by our extensive expertise in network infrastructure and timing requirements.

For further technical details about Meinberg’s IMS systems, FDM modules or how we have supported organisations in the power industry, start a discussion with APC Time on 01522 596 570 or email