Meinberg IMS LANTIME M2000S

Meinberg IMS LANTIME M2000S

Global time and synchronisation experts, Meinberg, extends its IMS LANTIME series with a new chassis-type.

The IMS LANTIME M2000S is a 2U rack-mount chassis that integrates the new Meinberg CPU, two Meinberg receivers (GNSS, PZF, IRIG time code) with an automatic signal switching unit and up to three power supplies. All oscillator options (OCXO-SQ, -MQ, -HQ and -DHQ) are available for the installed receivers.

The M2000S provides a wide range of frequency and pulse outputs and can serve as a fully redundant GNSS synchronised time and frequency reference for demanding applications.

The LANTIME S models are an alternative for application environments where a display with function keys is not required for on-site configuration. This allows the S housing variants to be installed in racks which are only accessible from one side. Due to its small installation depth, the M2000S is also suitable for ETSI racks (ETS 300, 21 inch).

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Available IMS slots

The slot layout of the S models includes all known IMS slot types. An RSC switching unit for redundant receiver operation is a fixed component of the M2000S housing. A second clock module can be retrofitted at any time and without further modifications.

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The basic configuration of the M2000S housing contains a LAN CPU, a receiver module, an AC/DC or DC power supply unit and an ACM (Active Cooling Module). Six additional free slots are available for input and output signals or network cards (NTP, IEEE 1588 PTP). For example, this chassis can be expanded by up to 24 additional Gigabit network ports for NTP clients or up to six HPS100 modules for PTP and NTP clients. For a redundant power supply, the chassis offers two additional slots for IMS power supply modules.

A universal sync solution

Due to its modular design, all of the Meinberg IMS series can be used in many different industrial applications, including professional broadcast, power, critical defence networks and finance. The possibility to combine the IMS modules and the different housing types allows users to configure a synchronisation solution that is adapted to individual industry requirements.

For example, an M2000S system can be configured for applications in the broadcast industry in such a way that besides redundancy, a multitude of pulse and frequency outputs (1PPS, 10 MHz with TTL or sine wave, etc.) is possible. For the audio/video sector, modules for common audio and video signals are available: HD and SD sync (PAL, NTSC), LTC (Linear Time Code), DARS (Digital Audio Reference System) and Word Clock. With the new Meinberg VSI module (Video Signal Input) it is also possible to provide video signals to an IMS clock module as a reference.

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