LED lighting still tops list of energy efficiency

LED lighting still tops list of energy efficiency

LED lighting still tops list of energy efficiency technologies deployed, says quarterly Trends report

LED lighting and lighting controls were still the most popular technologies deployed in energy efficiency projects in Q4 2018, according to the latest commercial energy efficiency trends report published this week by EEVS and BloombergNEF.

The quarterly analysis, which tracks trends in the commercial energy efficiency sector, reported that 65% or projects included lighting efficiency technologies and 52% of project included lighting controls.

Said John Hatt, Contracts Director at APC Lighting:

“This report echoes our own experience within the sector. Despite macro economic conditions, we are still seeing strong interest and commitment to LED lighting within new builds and lighting upgrades. As lighting technologies, including more energy efficient luminaires and smarter lighting controls, continue to deliver significant ROI and energy savings – they remain an obvious investment for companies looking to reduce energy costs and see a quick payback.

The growth in lighting controls is very significant. Whilst current LED luminaries are typically 50% more efficient than the LEDs of 5 years ago, daylight sensors, presence detection and timed dimming can typically deliver a further 80% reduction in energy usage particularly within 24/7 settings of industrial buildings, warehouses, car parks and retail spaces – so it is no surprise that the report reflects the dominance of both LED and controls.”

APC Technology Group plc

For detailed analysis of quarterly Energy Efficiency Trends in the UK view the latest full report here: http://www.eevs.co.uk/media/trendsq418.pdf

Energy Efficiency Trends is a quarterly analysis report prepared by EEVS Insight and BloombergNEF, sponsored by APC Lighting, Bird & Bird and the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC).

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