Announcing the RTK-1010 from LOCOSYS Technology

Announcing the RTK-1010 from LOCOSYS Technology

LOCOSYS Technology, a global leader in wireless and positioning modules has announced the addition of the world’s smallest multi-frequency / multi-system RTK module.

The RTK-1010 measures just 10.1 x 9.7 x 2.2mm, giving system integrators and design engineers the option to include the new module in a wider range of smaller devices to provide enhanced positioning accuracy.

With a rich history in providing highly accurate and reliable position technologies, the use of LOCOSYS products span from Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), wireless communication, embedded systems, avionics, automotive and consumers electronics. The deviation of current general GPS positioning technologies could be several meters in accuracy. If the performance of existing GPS modules is poor, this deviation could result in inaccuracies of tens or hundreds of meters. To achieve greater accuracy, RTK modules can be used. However, the historic use of RTK modules is limited, due to their high costs. With the high demand for centimetre-level accuracy in modern devices, the continued rollout of 5G and the ever-increasing demands of industrial AIoT, LOCOSYS has developed the RTK-1010.

Designed to fulfil the need for cost-effective and small RTK modules, the RTK-1010 module can concurrently support all satellite positioning systems, including United States GPS L1/ C/A, L5C, Europe Galileo E1, E5a, Russia GLONASS L1, Chinese BeiDou B1I/B2a, and India IRNSS L5. In addition to the multi-frequency / multi-system signals, the RTK-1010 has 135 satellite receiving channels. It also features a 65mA ultra-low power consumption and can be used as a base station or rover station.

As a base station, the RTK-1010 can broadcast the original RTCM 3.X revised coordinate data, with positioning time being acquired in less than 10 seconds. When deployed as a rover station in static or high dynamic modes, it can utilise a 1 to 10Hz high update rate, resulting in positioning accuracy of 1cm and a heading accuracy of fewer than 0.2 degrees.

APC Technology Group plc

RTK-1010 – ideal for high-precision applications

  • Un-manned mobile vehicles
  • Building structure monitoring (such as bridges or dams)
  • Use in drones (for aerial photography, logistics or artistic performance)
  • Handheld/wearable devices
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Shared movement/tracking management

Global satellite positioning has already been broadly used in our daily lives. In the past, due to the high cost of RTK devices, the limitation of their large dimensions and high power consumption, RTK has not been possible to implement in a wider variety of devices. With a continued focus on customers’ needs, LOCOSYS are pleased to bring an affordable, power efficient and small form factored RTK to the market for high-precision applications. Our aim is to enable developers to include higher levels of accuracy in all kinds of consumer devices.

Nick Chen, LOCOSYS Senior Vice President

Proposed as a high quality, high cost-performance ratio module, APC’s own team of embedded computing experts are able to work with UK customers to help with the deployment of RTK-1010 modules into devices that require centimetre levels of position accuracy.

For more information on the RTK-1010 or any GPS/GNSS modules from LOCOSYS, speak to a member of our team.