Washable keyboards from Medigenic

Washable keyboards from Medigenic

Medigenic’s range of washable computer keyboards helps keep call centres and critical office locations operational and safe

The washable keyboard range is available from APC Contech, specialists in the provision of innovative and highly effective infection control products to help make people and workplaces safer.

Did you know the flu virus can live on a computer keyboard for at least an hour or longer, depending upon the moisture in the air and the temperature of the room?

With the UK Government already stating that the country is in a “containment” phase of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, UK organisations with multiple user computing environments should be looking at ways to mitigate the potential spread of infectious diseases.

With the number of confirmed UK coronavirus cases currently reported at 36 and expected to rise, action needs to go beyond basic hygiene protocols – especially for staff working in emergency call centres and critical office locations such as hospitals and GP surgeries. Any open plan office with hot-desking or shift rotas in place should look to washable technology as part of a proactive bid to keep staff and operations healthy.

School computer rooms are another high-risk source of infection – the personal hygiene of students (especially in primary schools) are unpredictable, with many unaware of the consequences of coughing and sneezing on the computer keyboard.

Washable keyboards and mice allow themselves to be disinfected, protecting against the spread of infection. Computer keyboards are a key source of contamination, prompting many UK organisations to replace existing technology already in high-risk areas.

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Designed for infection control

The Medigenic range from APC Contech is a range of computer input devices which feature a tough elastomer cover. The abrasion & chemical resistant silicone-based material offers incredible long-life performance and is impervious to all common hospital cleaners. All Medigenic products are sealed to IP54 standards.

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Key features

  • Flat, so there is nowhere for pathogens to hide
  • User-defined, time-based cleaning alert
  • Disinfection without disconnection – keyboards can be cleaned in place with no need to disconnect the keyboard, thanks to a single button which disables input during cleaning.
  • Safe to use with existing cleaning products and can be rinsed under a faucet if required
  • Hypo-allergenic silicone-based material

Developed in conjunction with University College of London hospital, Medigenic is the standard keyboard in use across the entire NHS system in the United Kingdom.

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