New USB Time Code Reader For IRIG Signals

New USB Time Code Reader For IRIG Signals

Time and frequency synchronisation experts, Meinberg, have released the TCR180USB-EL

The TCR180USB-EL is a time code receiver in a compact, soft case. Designed for decoding modulated and unmodulated IRIG, AFNOR, and IEEE time codes, the new USB device can be used for time synchronisation of computers with no serial interface or no available PCI slot. Available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from APC Time, Meinberg’s new USB Time Code Reader can also be used for verification of time code outputs.

The TCR180USB-EL provides a professional solution to your time synchronisation requirements in mobile applications like field data acquisition with a laptop/notebook. With this device, a technician can check the quality and validity of an IRIG signal in the field, due to the compact package and simple cabling (only one USB connection for both power and data is required).

With modulated codes, the time information is transmitted by modulating the amplitude of a sine wave carrier. Unmodulated IRIG codes transmit the time information by varying the width of pulses.

The automatic gain control of the receiver for modulated codes allows the decoding of IRIG signals with an amplitude of the sine carrier of 800 mVpp to 8 Vpp. The potential-free signal input via SMB connector has an impedance of 600 Ohm.

The input for unmodulated or DCLS (DC Level Shift) time codes also has an SMB connector. The receiver circuit of the TCR180USB-EL is galvanically isolated from the signal input via an integrated optocoupler.

APC Technology Group plc

As a replacement for the older TCR51USB, the new model features a higher performance oscillator as well as a USB 2.0 high-speed interface. Using the MBGMON-Software, Meinberg’s monitoring utility, the TCR180USB-EL can be easily configured and provide status monitoring. The software can also be used to start, stop, control, and monitor the time adjustment service.

The driver package for Windows contains a time adjustment service which runs in the background and adjusts the Windows system time continuously and smoothly. A monitor program is also included which lets the user check the status of the device and the time adjustment service, and can be used to modify configurable parameters if run with administrator rights.

A driver package is also available for Linux and FreeBSD, which both contain a kernel driver to allow the board to be used as a reference time source for the NTP daemon which is shipped with most Unix-like operating systems. This also turns the computer into an NTP time server which can also provide accurate time to NTP clients on the network. Some command-line tools can be used to set up configurable parameters and monitor the status of the board.

The Meinberg Single-Driver-Concept simplifies driver installation dramatically – there is only one driver who supports all Meinberg PCI and USB devices and if you use their free API to access your Meinberg timing device from within your own applications, you can use the same source code for both PCI and USB devices.

APC Technology Group plc

Key features

  • Universal Serial Bus (USB 2.0)
  • Receiver status LEDs
  • Buffered Real Time Clock
  • Powered by USB (no extra power supply required)
  • Signal input connectors for IRIG AM and IRIG DCLS
  • Compact soft case

For further information about Meinberg’s new USB Time Code Reader, or any of their time synchronisation products, start a technical conversation with our specialist team.