Nicomatic introduces new DLMM connector

Nicomatic introduces new DLMM connector

Nicomatic introduces lightweight DLMM connector with reduced PCB footprint

Available from APC Hi-Rel, Nicomatic has introduced the perfect fit for shielding need in weight and space constrained environments – DLMM connector. DLMM is a light modular Micro-D type solution that can save about 50% weight and 30% PCB footprint compared to traditional connectors.

Nicomatic’s DLMM connectors offer lightweight Micro-D MIL 83513 type solutions in weight-and space-constrained applications.

Key features of the DLMM

  • Save about 50% in weight vs Micro-D
  • Metalised composite shell with Ultem insulator, Copper layer and a Nickel layer
  • Panel & PCB use

The series provide superior EMI protection performance due to its metallization process and coating. For harsher environment, one can use adapted mono-block backshell to ensure more robustness and shielding on cable connections.


APC Technology Group plc

It is available on 2 rows from 4 to 32 pins. To make your design easier, DLMM range allows mixed and modular arrangements regarding contact layout (Signal, Power, Coax), termination (Through, SMT, Cables) and fixing hardware both for PCB or panel use.

DLMM range is well adapted to flying and ground applications in civil and defence that needs miniaturisation, EMI-RFI protection and reduced weight.

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