Pendulum launches new amplifier

Pendulum launches new amplifier

Pendulum Instruments releases a new time and frequency distribution amplifier

Available from APC Time, Pendulum Instruments has launched its latest time and frequency distribution amplifier – the FDA-301.

The FDA-301 is a versatile and low-cost solution for distributing a central frequency reference, or time synchronisation signal, to multiple users, between rooms, floors, buildings and sites.

The new distribution amplifier can distribute a noise-free signal in optical fibres to up to 18 receivers, located up to 2km away. The new amplifier can distribute sine, pulse (e.g. 1-pps or IRIG DCLS), serial Time-of-Day and standard telecom signals.

The FDA-301 has a modular design, with built-in input source and power source redundancy. Designed for ease of use it offers simple user upgrade of output modules in the field.

Pendulum’s current DA-36 point-to-point frequency distribution amplifier will interface directly to FDA-301, and FDA-301 can be a drop-in replacement in current DA-35 or DA-36 networks.

APC Technology Group plc

The new FDA-301 is an important addition to our time and frequency standards portfolio, where we now offer a multi-point distribution solution from the central reference, or sync source, to remote users. Another benefit is that the new FDA-301 directly interfaces to the company’s legacy DA-35 distribution systems, and can be used as a drop-in replacement.

Harald Kruger, Global Sales Director of Pendulum Instruments.

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