The importance of touchscreen sanitation

The importance of touchscreen sanitation

How touchscreen sanitation can help combat the spread of COVID-19

With the majority of people (including children) now owning and spending considerable time on touchscreen devices, it comes as no shock to know that touchscreens can spread infection and disease. By harbouring all kinds of germs, they provide the ideal surface for bacterial growth.

Amid the current battle to tackle COVID-19, officials have recognised the importance of touchscreen sanitation and how it can drastically reduce infection rates. But are the majority of touchscreen devices up to the task?

In response to increased sanitisation requirements, leading embedded computing and IoT manufacturer, Advantech, has enhanced its range of industrial-grade AiO touch computers to withstand regular cleaning for increased hygiene and safeguarding of public health.

Advantech’s UTC-500 series

The UTC-500 series of computers (available in 15- and 20-inch models) can be upgraded with antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass. This provides a tough, scratch-resistant cover glass which features an antimicrobial agent to protect against stain and odour-causing bacteria.

Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass

Corning’s Gorilla Glass gets its antimicrobial properties by incorporating silver ions (Ag+ ) as an antimicrobial agent. It has been proven to show a consistent [3 log (>99.9%)] microbial reduction rate against a broad range of bacteria under the JIS Z 2801 test protocol, an internationally recognised industrial standard test protocol for measuring antibacterial efficacy.

Advantages of the UTC-500 Series of touchscreen computers

antimicrobial efficacy

Scratch-resistant glass with
9H surface hardness

Easy to clean, true-flat
touchscreen surface

Fanless design reduces
the spread of contagions

IP65 rated front bezel
protects against dust and water

Rugged and robust
aluminium housing

Advantech’s UTC-500 series is an ideal solution for digital kiosks and touchscreen computing applications in public spaces with a high volume of users or in environments where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount. APC has successfully worked with customers to build systems used across a variety of end applications including:

  • Public transport hubs
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Retail and supermarket environments
  • Restaurants
  • Laboratories and clean rooms
  • Food processing plants
  • Waste management centres

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