Windows 10 for industrial embedded applications

Windows 10 for industrial embedded applications

Time to upgrade to Windows 10 for industrial embedded applications?

By Senthooran Ragavan, Product Manager, APC Technology Group 

Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 7 have been the workhorses of most industrial and business applications up to now. The popularity of these two versions amongst businesses and machine builders has largely been driven by the widely regarded view that they are the most stable operating systems Microsoft has released.

Machine builders who were using Windows XP were able to run the application on Windows 7 as a virtual machine as the OS included a license for XP. However, Microsoft has confirmed that they are stopping all support provided for Windows 7 from January 2020, in addition Windows 10 no longer includes an additional XP license. Both these factors have pushed manufacturers into having to redesign their industrial PC-based applications. This redesign not only includes a design change in the software, but also an upgrade in hardware.

Microsoft has changed its business model to Windows as a service. This means the current Windows 10 version will be the last, with no plans for future versions. Instead Microsoft will be releasing frequent feature updates and security patches for Windows 10 to keep it up to date. As a result of these business model changes, Microsoft is heavily pushing Windows 10 upgrades to their customers, including offering free Windows 10 upgrades to all the machines running Windows 7 and above when they released it. Although the promotions are over, Microsoft is still encouraging everyone away from old operating systems before support for them ceases.

Within the worlds of industrial machine building and embedded computing, if you have been using Windows XP or Windows 7 in your systems, now is the time to upgrade. In addition to software updates, much of the hardware that supports Windows XP and 2017 won’t support Windows 10. So budgets for 2019 and 2020 should factor in hardware and software updates in order to ensure you use an operating systems that has ongoing support on security issues.

Although Windows 10 was released four years ago, not all third-party software providers are up to date and this can lead to a surprise for a business owner. In some cases, there’s a problem because the business is running an older version and the upgrade comes with a significant price tag. In other cases, the business may be running on the recommended version, but the third-party software provider has not upgraded. If your organisation is sticking to their older system then the January 2020 cut off for Microsoft support could leave you with systems that are out of compliance for security, posing a major risk.

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