VMI surface mount diodes gain QPL approval

VMI surface mount diodes gain QPL approval

Voltage Multipliers Inc (VMI), manufacturer of high voltage diodes, opto-couplers, rectifiers, multipliers and power supplies, has attained QPL approval on its high voltage, surface mount, formed lead diodes.

The Qualified Product List (QPL) is a listing of products, or a family of products, that have met the qualification requirements set out in the application specification. QPL is used by government, military and aerospace customers to select items for procurement that are known to have met approved standards.

Available in the UK from APC Hi-Rel, VMI can now offer JANTX/JANTXV 1N6513FL, 1N6515FL and 1N6517FL diodes, with the reverse voltages of 2KV, 3KV and 5KV. These JANTX/JANTXV high voltage diodes will be processed per Mil-Pref-19500, Mil-Std-750 and the application slash sheets /575, /576, and /577. This approval is great addition to VMI’s existing QPL high voltage diode range.

Mil-Pref-19500 specification establishes the general performance requirements for semiconductor devices. Product assurance is provided by effective screening, conformance inspection and process controls to mitigate risk. Mission assurance and standardisation of parts are the highest priorities. This specification establishes a heritage program of semiconductor devices the military and space community can rely on to be dependable and available.

VMI has nearly four decades of expertise in the design, manufacture and testing of high voltage diodes and power supplies within their single site 34,000 sq ft facility in California. All wafers are doped, diffused and metallised in-house.

VMI Surface Mount High Voltage Diodes - QPL Approved - Hermetic - JANTX - JANTV

Part NumberWorking Reverse Voltage (Vrwm)Average Rectified Current (Io) 55°CReverse Current @ Vrwm 25°CReverse Current @ Vrwm 100°CForward Voltage (Vf) 25°CReverse Recovery Time (Trr) 25°C
Part Number:1N6513FLWorking Reverse Voltage (Vrwm):2,000VAverage Rectified Current (Io) 55°C:3.5AReverse Current @ Vrwm 25°C:1.00 μAReverse Current @ Vrwm 100°C:25 μAForward Voltage (Vf) 25°C:3.5V 2.9AReverse Recovery Time (Trr) 25°C:70ns
Part Number:1N6515FLWorking Reverse Voltage (Vrwm):3,000VAverage Rectified Current (Io) 55°C:2.5AReverse Current @ Vrwm 25°C:1.00 μAReverse Current @ Vrwm 100°C:25 μAForward Voltage (Vf) 25°C:6.0V 1.5AReverse Recovery Time (Trr) 25°C:70ns
Part Number:1N6517FLWorking Reverse Voltage (Vrwm):5,000VAverage Rectified Current (Io) 55°C:1.5AReverse Current @ Vrwm 25°C:1.00 μAReverse Current @ Vrwm 100°C:25 μAForward Voltage (Vf) 25°C:8.0V 1.0AReverse Recovery Time (Trr) 25°C:70ns

This is great news for our military and defence customers in the UK. VMI has always had a strong reputation for high reliability, quality of product and range, including the ability to manufacture custom designed products for specific applications. Gaining further QPL approvals for their surface mount diodes cements their position as a global leader in high voltage diode manufacture.

Sheree Baker, Product Manager, APC Technology Group plc

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