Portable monitor for low frequency magnetic fields

Portable monitor for low frequency magnetic fields

Wavecontrol launches market-first, low frequency EMF monitor

European manufacturer of safety test equipment for the measurement of exposure to magnetic fields, Wavecontrol, has added a new product to its personal monitoring range – the WaveMon LF-400.

Available in the UK from APC Test, the WaveMon LF-400 warns the user of exposure to low frequency magnetic fields from 10 Hz to 400 kHz. These units can be used to protect workers operating in the following scenarios:

  • Within hospital departments where MRI equipment is used
  • In industrial settings where welding machinery or induction machines are used
  • Within the power industry to measure LF magnetic fields of electric power lines and generators
  • Within the rail industry to measure magnetic fields on trains and lines
APC Technology Group plc

The WaveMon LF-400 is unique in the market place and is the currently the only solution available to protect workers from EMF for low frequency applications.

The WaveMon LF400 is part of the portable monitoring family of products, all of which record continuous data and are equipped with a GPS and altimeter for precise geolocation of measurements.  Their rugged, lightweight and small design allows the wearer to attach the monitor to a harness, arm, belt or be hand held with a secure carabiner.

The WaveMon LF400 conforms to international electromagnetic field safety standards. The following exposimeters are now available:

  • WaveMon LF-400 ICN → For the ICNIRP guidelines
  • WaveMon LF-400 EUD → For the European EMF Directive 2013/35/EU
  • WaveMon LF-400 IEEE → For the IEEE standards

If you need a personal low frequency monitor that specifically follows any other standard, please contact our technical sales team.

For more information about Wavecontrol’s range of EMF monitoring equipment, available from APC Test, contact: