3D Plus introduce new Intelligent Power Modules with embedded ASIC control

The 3DPM0349 Point of Load converter is based on GaN transistor technology and includes embedded ASIC control.

The 3DPM0349 uses a resonant topology (full-wave, quasi-resonant, Zero Current Switching Buck converter) and GaN switches to achieve a small package capable of delivering:

  • Low ON resistance
  • Fast switching frequency
  • Low power dissipation
  • Inherent radiation resistance

The output voltage, which can operate as low as 0.8V, can be set through an external resistor and provide output currents up to 7A (14A when two modules are configured in parallel). Many popular protection schemes are integrated into the 3DPM0349, including input under-voltage detection, output over-current/over-voltage protections and controlled rise time. These protection schemes can be configured using external components or via a serial bus interface. All input and output filters come integrated within the module.

3DPM0349 PoL converter is ideal for:

  • Low power distributed power architectures
  • Power supply for digital loads (FPGA, ASICs, memory banks…)

The new 3DPM0349 PoL converter is an excellent choice for high-power FPGAs requiring high core currents, such as Xilinx. Its simplicity, requirement of few components and radiation tolerance make compact FPGA designs possible.

3D Plus  - experts in the design and manufacture of space-level components

3D Plus have a long heritage in producing robust and reliable space-level components, capable of delivering mission success. In August 2022, NASA’s Curiosity rover celebrated its 10th anniversary on Mars, a project which included components from 3D Plus including SDRAM, NOR FLASH, RTIMS and camera modules.

Curiosity landed on Mars on August 6, 2012. The objectives of the Curiosity Mars Program are to determine if conditions suitable for life have ever existed on Mars, to characterise the climate of Mars, and to study the geology of Mars. MSL mission has helped to confirm the presence of sedimentary deposits characteristic of the presence of a lake. The rover also observed and studied magmatic deposits on Mars.

3D PLUS is a world-leading supplier of advanced high density 3D microelectronic products, bare die and wafer-level stacking technology. 3D PLUS's products and solutions are used in high technology industries for industrial, computer boards, embedded systems, defence, security, aircraft, avionics, medical, sciences and aerospace applications.

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