Keysight Pathwave Instrument RPA, the powerful no-code interactive automation for R&D engineers

Keysight PathWave Instrument RPA is designed to leverage its simple functionality as a companion utility to serve many of today’s design engineering workflows.

R&D engineers know debugging and the process leading to “first-measurement” are very fluid workflows, often requiring real-time critical thinking and complete interactive control of the setup – a workflow not easily or flexibly automated with existing tools.

Working within your existing workflows, not interrupting how you get things done is the goal of PathWave Instrument RPA. The software provides the flexibility to automate when needed all within your existing flow.

PathWave Instrument RPA Highlights

PathWave Instrument RPA is a companion utility to your test-bench workflow. It can automate repetitive tasks without the knowledge and effort required to develop custom scripts. You get the following capabilities:

  • automation without coding
  • reduced time to insights and results
  • workflow flexibility with no predefined sequences
  • parameterisation and automation of UI interactions
  • interactive remote access to your instruments from anywhere
  • sharing of instrument use sessions for learning and collaboration
  • easy installation and operation

Automating Intelligence

Research and development (R&D) engineers and technicians debugging and verifying circuits can leverage interactive automation with Keysight's PathWave Instrument Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The software removes the complexity, and effort required to develop custom scripts using SCPI or device-specific driver commands.

  • Automate away complexity and repetition
  • Collaborate and share learnings
  • Access and interact with instruments and devices under test (DUTs) anywhere
  • Speed up product development

Automate Away Complexity and Repetition

Accelerate debugging, sleuthing, and validation with on-demand flexible no-code automation. Maintain control, and incorporate automation on the fly in the debugging workflow.

Interactive Instrument Access Anywhere

PathWave Instrument RPA makes it easier to access your workbench remotely from anywhere. Control and orchestrate multiple sessions with instruments and DUTs, and drive efficiency and continuity.

Collaborative Learnings

Increase collaboration on measurement workflows. Capture instrument-use sessions led by measurement experts, edit and expand projects, and share recordings with your team.

Accelerate Product Development

Automate and parameterise all user interface interactions via no-code, one-button record, and playback operation. Accelerate time to market by making it easier to debug and verify circuits, thereby boosting R&D productivity.

Learn more about the capabilities of Keysight Pathwave Instrument RPA:

Keysight TechnologiesKeysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies is a leading manufacturer of test and measurement hardware and software for benchtop, modular, and field instruments, including oscilloscopes, multimeters, logic analysers, signal generators and spectrum analysers. As a Keysight Premium Plus distributor, our team of experts have enhanced product knowledge and can offer demonstrations and technical insight into an expanded range of Keysight equipment.

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