Helping OEMs overcome electronic component supply issues

APC’s component sourcing team are helping to keep customer projects and production schedules on track.

As the global chip shortage heads towards the two-year mark, some manufacturers have been forced to engage in some unusual tactics to keep their projects and production lines moving. Carmakers are recycling semiconductors from old white goods and some technology builders are getting engineers to re-write code to use less silicon or make available parts work harder.

In some instances, companies are shipping goods with reduced feature sets, with the promise to add them in later when the availability of required parts is healthier. As manufacturers continue to turn to aged components, some have even resulted in looking at non-RoHS compliant parts.

For other UK OEMs and CEMs, the situation is far less straightforward. Having an expensive project on hold due to a lack of small-cost components has meant project deliverability and overall profitability have been severely impacted, particularly without a sourcing solution in place that can provide competitive costs in relation to current trading conditions.

The semiconductor crisis has illustrated how crucial these components (and many others) are, not just to manufacturers, but to the whole economy. The industries most affected are those involved with the manufacture of:

  • Automotives and Automotive systems
  • Consumer electronics
  • LED and other lighting products

With other external market factors affecting the return to ‘normal’ supply and demand, APC’s Component Sourcing team has been assisting customers with a range of services which have enabled organisations to source hard-to-find or fit, form and function replacement parts.

“We’ve seen a big increase in the number of requests we have been receiving for assistance in finding electronic components. From industrial semiconductors through to active, passive and EMECH components, our team have been able to utilise our global network of verified suppliers to competitively source parts to keep customer projects on schedule.”

Martin Brealey | Component Sourcing Sales Manager

Drawing on extensive technical design-in expertise across all of APC’s specialist teams, our Component Sourcing team are quick to understand customer requirements and source a range of component parts to overcome any sourcing, availability, or quality issues in a supply chain. Particularly so for some smaller manufacturers without sufficient stockpiles of materials or necessary reserves.

To get started with resolving your component supply issues, contact us with an indication of the parts you need. You can also find out more about our range of component sourcing and related services below.

Alternatively, reach out to one of our regional sales team members to start a discussion with how we can resolve your issues.

Jim Drysdale
Scotland and Ireland

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Martin Brealey

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Jyoti Bunger
North England and the Southwest

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