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Accurately measure high voltages up to 5000 V in a variety of applications with the new Hioki VT1005

The new Hioki VT1005 high voltage divider accepts input voltages up to 5kVrms /4MHz for accurate power measurements

In order to meet the continuous need for more electrical power, there is a trend to introduce higher system voltages in a wide range of applications. One particular application is the accurate efficiency measurement of railways, trucks and busses that are operating at voltages higher than 1000V. Accurate power loss measurement of inductive components used in HV power electronics is another interesting application.


Engineers prefer to measure the loss in these devices under real-life conditions and the very low power factor of these measurements requires a phase error compensation to achieve accurate measurements. This can be discovered with the Hioki High Voltage Divider.


SiC semiconductors are increasingly used for high-voltage applications with switching frequencies of 50kHz or higher. The VT1005 High Voltage Divider is the only solution on the market today that is designed to provide accurate results even at these high switching frequencies.

Hioki VT1005 High Voltage Divider Highlights

The VT1005 High Voltage Divider provides the best solution for accurate power measurement up to 5kVrms and 4MHz in combination with the Power Analyser PW8001.

hioki VT1005hioki VT1005
  • Input Voltage up to 5kVrms / 7.1kVpeak
  • Voltage dividing ratio is 1000:1
  • Measurement bandwidth 4MHz
  • Identical gain and phase characteristics for each divider
  • Phase error compensation with PW8001 (firmware version 1.3 or higher)
  • Excellent frequency flatness needed for high‐efficiency inverter measurements

Divides High Voltage by 1000:1 and Outputs

Generally, a power analyser alone cannot directly measure voltages above 1000 V (AC). With the VT1005, large voltages of up to 5000 V can be accurately measured with a power analyser.

hioki VT1005 High Voltage Dividerhioki VT1005 High Voltage Divider
hioki vt1005 noise resistancehioki vt1005 noise resistance

Accurate and Reproducible Measurement of Inverter Efficiency With Excellent Noise Immunity 

The Hioki VT1005 is highly resistant to both common-mode and high-frequency noise, allowing it to measure voltage accurately even in noisy environments. Since conversion devices like inverters are sources of noise, noise resistance is important in efficiency evaluation.

Learn more about the Hioki VT1005

APC Technology Group is an official Hioki UK distributor, offering a range of electrical test and measurement products at competitive prices with expert technical advice, support and guidance.


For further technical information, or to arrange a demo, contact a member of our specialist test and measurement team:
0330 313 3220 | [email protected]


Hioki is exclusively a manufacturer of electrical measuring instruments that supports the development of industry and has pursued unique technologies over its history so that it can provide new value to customers through high-quality products. Hioki products are used in an extensive array of applications and industries.

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