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OHB Digital Solutions and APC Technology Group sign UK distribution agreement

OHB Digital's GNSS signal simulators and interference detection systems are now available from APC's specialist team.

The navigation experts, OHB Digital Solutions, are one of the leading partners for future applications, products, technologies, and services in all navigation aspects. The distribution agreement with APC Technology Group will extend their market presence to cover the demand for GNSS Signal Simulators and GNSS Interference Detection Systems in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“With this agreement, we are expanding our market presence into the United Kingdom and Ireland. The British simulation market is already one of the strongest markets in Europe, and in the course of this initiative, we expect growth in the future. APC Technology Group is a strong partner who is benefiting from our 20 years of experience in this technology area and will be a significant player in the GNSS market in the United Kingdom and Ireland."

Bernhard Czar | CEO of OHB Digital Solutions GmbH

The major activities of OHB Digital Solutions GmbH comprise the field of GNSS quality assurance and GNSS signal simulation, in particular precise positioning, reliable navigation, and applications in the satellite downstream market. OHB Digital are specialists in the development and combination of navigation, telecommunications, and information technologies as well as services for a wide variety of applications in the context of satellite-based navigation systems. With the know-how of their specialist team, they develop solutions, services, and applications according to customer and market needs.

“Our new partnership with OHB Digital Solutions is an excellent addition to the suite of solutions already offered to customers in the UK by APC. Recognised as a market leader in the development of GNSS simulation systems, including solutions for monitoring signal degradation and disturbances, OHB Digital Solutions represent a safe and robust layer of protection for critical networks against the ever-growing threat of cyber-attacks and unintentional interferences. We very much look forward to supporting our customers with their line of products.”

Mark Broadhead | Sales Director, APC Smartwave

Real-time GNSS Simulation

OHB Digital's GNSS simulator is modular, functional, and intuitive - capable of generating all public GNSS signals and frequencies available today. It offers direct RF signal playback in real-time or alternatively digital IF baseband signal generation. Additionally, a simulation of GNSS receiver observables is available.

The simulator capabilities can be adjusted in terms of features to meet the user requirements exactly by offering optional signals, frequency bands, and simulation of interference and multiple receivers. The simulator provides a real-time input interface and thus supports hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)  testing, e.g. for automotive applications.

GNSS Interference Detection and Analysis System (GIDAS)

GIDAS adds to the security of GNSS applications by making threats visible. GIDAS is a scalable real-time system to monitor the GNSS services on-premises and alerts in the case of malfunction or performance degradation.

The heart of GIDAS is formed by a multitude of jamming and spoofing detection techniques, developed following more than 20 years of research by OHB Digital Solutions.

For more information about OHB Digital's product capabilities availability, pricing or access to datasheets, customers can contact a member of APC's Smartwave team. Alternatively, you can arrange a call back from a member of our technical team on 0330 313 3220.

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