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Arance Electronics Co Ltd

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Arance is a manufacturer of high performance VNA (Vector Network Analyser) Test cables , NMD (Network Measurements Division) adaptors and coaxial cables for military, communication, research and University applications for frequencies up to 67GHz.

Cable Assemblies

  • High performance VNA test cables
  • Economy VNA test cables
  • Low loss flexible cable assemblies
  • Armoured cable assemblies
  • Semi-rigid cable assemblies
  • Semi-flexible cable assemblies
  • Waveguide cable assemblies

Calibration Kits

  • Precision calibration kits
  • Economy calibration kits
  • Single sex calibration kits
  • 3-in-1 OSL calibration kits

NMD Test Port Adaptors

  • NMD 3.5mm
  • NMD 2.92mm
  • NMD 2.4mm
  • NMD 1.85mm


  • Torque
  • Wrenches
  • Boxes
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