Arralis Technologies

Arralis Technologies

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​Arralis is a rapidly growing technology company, providing world leading expertise in RF, micro and millimetre-wave technology.

They excel in Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs), packaged component modules, proprietary antenna technology and integrated radar and communications front-end platforms.

Their main strengths lie in W band where they are the world leader at the highly desirable attenuation window of 94GHz, which allows the development of very high resolution radar.

​Applications include autonomous automotive, helicopter landing, space and massive data rate wireless communications.

Developing leading edge MMICs means Arralis can offer cutting edge sub-systems and complete RF front-ends to their customers.

The Arralis Tucana range of modules consist of individual function modules (HPA, MPA, LNA, X4) as well as 92-96GHz Transmit and Receive modules with convenient WR10 antenna connections and SMA x-band connections for signal inputs and outputs.

The transmitter and receiver sub-systems enable rapid breadboard of radar products.

Their products, which are the ultimate in precision and innovation, are used in both global and space environments where accuracy and reliability are critical. They have also created partnerships with other leading technology providers to build bespoke high performance, cutting-edge solutions.

Arralis provides the invisible edge to some of the world’s largest aerospace, defence and communications companies.

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