Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp

Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp

APC Technology Group plc

Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp.

Available in the UK from APC Technology Group, Delta Electronics designs and manufactures a wide range of RF coaxial connectors from miniature SMB and SMC to large high-power LC and LT connectors. Established in 1955, Delta prides itself on its ability to supply obscure and obsolete connector types not commonly available elsewhere.

Delta can provide over 70 different series to fill your requirements.

Delta’s product lines include:

  • Standard products (all connectors)
  • High frequency SMA
  • Extended frequency SMA (26.5 & 27 GHz)
  • SMK (2.92 GHz)
  • QPL connectors / adaptors (MIL-PRF-39012 & 55339)
APC Technology Group plc

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