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Diamond Antenna and Microwave Corp.

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Diamond Antenna

Diamond Antenna is a well known leader in the design and manufacture of microwave rotary couplers and Roll Rings. They have over 60 years of experience and hundreds of proven designs.

Product range includes:

  • Rotary joints – single/dual channel coaxial & waveguide models
  • Waveguide – waveguide one channel models
  • Roll rings – flexures/couplers / roll blocks and flex wheels
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Diamond can supply a wide range of RF rotary joints and rotating subsystems designed for the demanding environments of military radar and SATCOM applications.

  • Over 60 years’ experience with ground based, airbourne and shipboard military communications and radar applications.
  • High reliability military-spec designs to support demanding environments.
  • Electrical parameters including: power ratings, isolation, losses and variation in rotation are specified for each unit.
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Diamond Antenna and Microwave offer a diverse selection of RF rotary joints designed for commercial applications.


  • Can support high volume production.
  • Compact/low profile designs.
  • Integrated slip rings for AC/DC power and signal transfer available.
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Air Traffic Control

Standard and custom rotary joint designs available for Primary Surveillance Radar (L and S-band PSR) and Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR)

  • PSR (en-route and terminal) designs available in multi-channel integrated rotary joint subsystems with high power RF channels, coaxial/SSR RF channels, integrated Slip Ring/Roll-Ring® and azimuth position with encoder/resolver/Inductosyn.
  • SSR (Mode-3), 3-channel L-band coaxial designs with RF only and designs integrating encoders, Slip Ring/Roll-Ring® and fibre optic channels.
  • Designs also available for terminal doppler weather radar and airport surface detection equipment.
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Diamon Antenna and Microwave has designed, manufactured and delivered high performance space-qualified rotary joints to multiple worldwide programmes.

Industry’s largest selection of space flight rotary joints.

  • Space rotary joint designs qualified to NASA standards, ESA standards, other International Space Agency Stanards
  • Diamond’s in-house thermal vacuum chamber supports critical testing requirements for space customers. Additional testing including thermal cycling, shock and vibration are available.
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Integrated rotating subsystems

As radar and other antenna systems become more complex and data transfer requirements increase, Diamond Antenna customers are requesting several components in one rotational package to create a complete integrated rotating subsystem. Requests for various rotational devices packaged together can include any or all of the following: RF rotary joint, slip ring/ Roll-Ring®, APG (encoder) package, fibre optic rotary joints, and fluid and media rotary unions.

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