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Junkosha is a pioneer of sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies across a broad selection of industries, including the microwave interconnect sectors. With a core message of ‘phase performance that endures’, its MWX range of microwave coaxial cable assemblies are flexible signal transmission lines that take advantage of the excellent properties of PTFE and are used in applications up to 120 GHz. In addition, they are ideal for use with Vector Network Analysers for precision measurement requirements. Available from APC, Junkosha offers a wide range of highly reliable assemblies for micro/millimeter wave applications that are tailored to customers’ needs.

JUNFLON® MWX products are flexible signal transmission lines that take advantage of the remarkable properties of fluoropolymers. They are suitable for use with a wide range of frequencies up to 120GHz. These products feature low insertion loss, low VSWR, low signal leakage and low interference due to high shielding effectiveness.

Phase Performance that Endures
MWX provides not only excellent phase stability but also long lasting performance and durability.

Easy to do Business with
Short lead times, no minimum order quantities and fast customisation options.

Product Lines Include:

  • MWX0 series: cables assemblies with high phase stability for measuring instruments to 120GHz
  • Metrology grade cable assemblies with long lasting high phase stability in bend and temperature for measuring instruments to 120GHz
  • MWX1 series: cable assemblies with a wide temperature range & high-durability for measurement to 26.5GHz
  • MWX2 series: flexible cable assemblies for measurement instruments
    flexible and high durability cable assemblies for dynamic applications
  • MWX3 Series: cable assemblies for wiring of electronic equipment to 40GHz
  • Cable assemblies with high phase stability over temperature for fixed wiring to 40GHz
  • MWX4 Series: formable, low insertion loss cable assemblies for fixed wiring to 67GHz
  • MWX5 series: formable cable for fixed wiring to 18GHz
  • MWX4 & 5 series: formable flexible cable as an alternative to semi-rigid cable (MWX4) and semi-flex cable (MWX5)
  • MWX6 series: high precision skew match cable assemblies to 67GHz

JUNFLON® MWX021 3.5mm Connector Multi-Lock Type

  • Newly developed connector for phase stability measurement cable MWX021
  • Microwave cable used with measurement instruments, such as vector network analysers and DUTs, is required to have excellent phase stability against flexure and temperature
  • Junkosha offers the world’s most phase stable cable, MWX 0 series
  • Named ‘Multi-Lock Connector’, this connector enables consistent and precise coupling with snap-on, hand screw or torque wrench connection

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