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Nanjing Electronic Devices Institute (Neditek) devotes itself to providing leading edge SAW filter technologies, and the best SAW solutions of the highest quality with first-to-market competitiveness to all our customers. As the leading supplier of SAW components in China, Neditek have continued to uphold a business concept that stresses “technology-topping, product-outstanding, service-perfect and customer-satisfaction” and pursues endlessly to be the leader in quality, speed, service, innovation and cost-efficiency.

Headquartered in Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Neditek leverage excellent R&D, highly skilled workers, and cost-effective material sourcing to design technology-leading solutions of SAW devices.

Neditek have developed and produce more than one thousand different types of SAW resonators and filters with excellent quality and high reliability. Their SAW components are available in leaded type and SMD type (13.3×6.5, 7.0×5.0, 5.0×5.0, 5.0×3.5, 3.8×3.8, 3.0×3.0, etc) with frequencies from 30MHz to 2.4GHz. They also make custom designs to meet customers’ specific needs. According to the development trend of SAW technology, we are continually improving the performance of our SAW products, developing more new products and introducing them into new applications.

Applications range from mobile communication, remote control, wireless alarm, cordless phone, walkie-talkie, cable television, RF identification, BP pager, wireless data transmission, security systems, and other signal processing applications.

As an important element for modern information technologies, SAW devices are now widely available for military applications, consumer electronics and industrial production, making good use of their reproducibility, high performance, selectivity, stability and flexibility. For military applications the SAW filters are ITAR-FREE.

We believe in building long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and partners and we understand customer satisfaction drives success. Our successful customer relationship management formula involves understanding customer needs, expectations, and the problems they face. Leveraging this knowledge with excellent engineering, Neditek design SAW products to fulfil our common goals.

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