SynQor power converters, power systems and filters

SynQor power converters, power systems and filters


SynQor designs and manufactures high-efficiency, high-reliability DC-DC power converters, AC-DC power converters, EMI filters and power systems. Its high performance power conversion solutions are widely used within military/aerospace, industrial, transportation, medical and telecommunications markets.

SynQor’s innovative products are designed to exceed the demanding performance, quality and reliability requirements of today’s power electronic engineers and system integrators who develop leading-edge infrastructure hardware. Available from APC, SynQor offer all the power conversion modules needed to build a power system, and also manufacture complete, cutting edge power systems. Their capabilities include both standard and custom solutions, delivered with industry leading service and support.

With three decades of experience in supplying high reliability components and systems, APC’s technical sales team can advise on the optimum SynQor products for your application and project including:

  • MilQor MilCOTS converters and filters
  • MilQor hi-rel converters and filters
  • MilQor power systems
  • AeroQor avionics products including power factor correction modules, AC line filters, 3-phase power factor correction modules and 3-phase AC line filters
  • SynQor’s industrial product range including DC-DC power converters, DC filters, AC line filters, non-isolated DC-DC converters, power factor correction modules, industrial AC-DC power supplies
  • RailQor railway isolated DC-DC converters
  • Telecom/datacom power products
  • Medical grade DC-DC converters and medical grade AC-DC supplies with power factor correction
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A leader in power conversion solutions, SynQor provides:

  • Full control on traceability, vital for safety critical military and civil avionics applications
  • Consistently short lead times
  • Robust design margins mean that power specifications are easily met without over stressing product
  • Flatter efficiency curves
  • SynQor has a wider range of higher power solutions require fewer bricks, making their solutions more cost effective

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