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Wolfspeed have spent more than 28 years as part of Cree Inc., building the future with market-leading wide bandgap semiconductor products for the transportation, industrial, energy and communications markets.

From young and ambitious roots in North Carolina’s research triangle park, the company has grown into a world-renowned commercial supplier of the fastest, most efficient semiconductor components ever available, enabling greater efficiency and performance, smaller systems, and lower costs.

Wolfspeed RF Products use GaN on silicon carbide. GaN-on-SiC provides inherent advantages that will significantly benefit customers – including higher efficiency, wider bandwidth, higher power and smaller size.

​Wolfspeeds’ RF products cover multiple markets including military and aerospace, communications and industrial applications.

RF products include:

  • ​Wolfspeed general purpose broadband 28V
  • Wolfspeed general purpose broadband 40V
  • ​Wolfspeed general purpose broadband 50V
  • Wolfspeed radar
  • Wolfspeed satcom
  • Wolfspeed telecom

GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors covering DC - 6GHz

:CG2H30070F:70 W, 0.5—3.0 GHz, 28 V, RF Power GaN HEMT
:CG2H40025:25 W, 28 V RF Power GaN HEMT
:CG2H40045:45 W, DC - 4 GHz RF Power GaN HEMT
:CGHV40100:100 W, DC - 3.0 GHz, 50 V, GaN HEMT
:​CMPA2060035F:35 W, 2000 - 6000 MHz, GaN MMIC Power Amplifier

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