APC provides UK airport with metering hardware

APC provides UK airport with metering hardware

APC Smartwave and Synetica work in partnership to provide Liverpool John Lennon Airport with a retrofitted metering solution

APC Smartwave joined forces with systems integrator Synetica to provide metering hardware and software for one of the UK’s ‘greenest’ airports. John Lennon Airport, is committed to measuring and reducing energy consumption across its site. An existing metering solution wired into their internal IT infrastructure provided an adequate baseline for energy consumption and enabled some sub metering of tenanted areas, but as the airport expanded and changed they needed a solution that could grow and develop with them.

APC Smartwave’ solution

Given the critical nature of the airport’s communication network, a Low-Power Wide-Area Network was needed so that the data could be transmitted independently of the airport’s existing IT infrastructure and communications systems. APC and Synetica recommended LoRaWAN technology as this provided the optimum network solution without the need for wireless repeaters commonly used in other wireless options, thereby avoiding any disruption to their existing airport control and communications infrastructure.

From initial scheduling, the project was completed in under six weeks, with the team operating within the stringent safety procedures of airside working. APC Smartwave specified and supplied Adeunis pulse modules which were retrofitted to sub stations and end of runways along with Synetica wireless enLink Pulse modules. These communicated via the LoRaWAN network to monitor electricity, gas, water and heat.

The results

The end result was a wireless sub metering system that was easily installed across the estate, capable of upscaling up as building use changed, new sites were added and additional data was needed.

Key benefits:

  • Real-time data for electricity, gas and water, enabling bill validation and accurate tenant bills
  • Scalable metering solution that can expand and change as the airport grows
  • Single system integrating existing data collection with new solution
  • No ongoing data transfer costs or fees
  • Powerful long range wireless metering dramatically reduced installation time and site disruption
  • Identification and realisation of significant recurring monthly energy and cost savings through improved efficiency and reduced maintenance

Before moving to Synetica we had 3 different unreliable energy systems and their associated software which had to be manually input into the main M&T software. Since using Synetica we now have reliable data being fed direct into our M&T software which has saved many man hours and given us the time to carry out more analysis of the data leading to further energy savings

Colin Barnes, the Environmental Advisor, Liverpool John Lennon Airport
APC Technology Group plc

Products used:

  • APC Smartwave LoRaWAN pulse modules
  • Synetica enLink battery powered meter pulse counters, LoRaWAN Gateway and DataStream Energy Loggers
  • Synetica enVision energy analysis and reporting application

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