FM Co creates smart building with Elsys sensors

FM Co creates smart building with Elsys sensors

Elsys environmental sensors just the job for facilities management company

APC Smartwave, the provider of hardware, components and technologies for smart buildings, has specified Elsys environmental sensors into several projects for one of the UK’s top 5 outsourced facilities management companies.

Their end client was looking to meet BREEAM and Well Building standards within their central London office following a substantial redevelopment of the 265,000 sq foot property. As specialists in design-in and specification, APC worked with their manufacturing partners to find the optimum sensors to meet the client requirements.


The brief

Our scope was to provide environmental sensors that would monitor indoor humidity, CO2, temperature, light levels and noise, in addition to also providing data on footfall.

Whilst there were many products on the market that met these requirements, those that communicated using WiFi or cellular communications protocols required either mains power or battery power. For mains powered sensors there are associated issues with placement of sensors and additional electrical costs if hard-wired. For battery powered WiFi or cellular sensors the power needed to communicate with the gateway/base station often results in the need to replace batteries every 3 to 4 months.

Our solution

APC Smartwave proposed the use of Elsys ERS sensors which operate using the LoRaWAN communication protocol.

APC Technology Group plc

The key benefits of Elsys ERS sensors are:

  • 10 year battery life
  • Superior environmental sensors, capable of operating using LoRaWAN
  • LoRaWAN provides the end-client with a long range communications protocol capable of running an entire building full of sensors via a single Gateway
  • Choice of LoRaWAN suited building fabric which was a mix of glass, steel, concrete and bricks, so that wherever the battery powered sensors were placed they would be able to communicate effectively with the central gateway
  • Data was collated and sent at short timed intervals, at which point it could be sent via the cloud to the client’s choice of server and integrated into their existing BEMS if required.
  •  Easy to programme each sensor using near field communication (NFC)

APC Smartwave provided products for a proof-of-concept. Following successful testing and use within the POC, 600 sensors will be installed within the end clients building and deployed in two further smart building projects the FM company is undertaking.

APC Smartwave has been a distributor of Elsys products since 2016. Established in 2005, Elsys is a leading manufacturer of LoRaWAN sensors and connected devices.

For more information on our range of smart buildings, environmental sensors and gateways contact APC Smartwave: