Advantech products help tech customer stay ahead

Advantech products help tech customer stay ahead

Embedded products for harsh environments fuel new designs and innovation for oil and gas customer

In 2013, APC ran a technical workshop showcasing our safety critical and embedded computing solutions and displays. Our client approached us with a need to partner with a technology provider of embedded processing for harsh environments with a strong focus on new product development.

As a leading provider of computing equipment for the oil and gas industry, our client evolves its product range to keep pace with new technologies, changing customer requirements and industry developments. They needed a technology partner that was equally innovative, whilst still able to deliver reliable, high quality computer processing solutions with a long product lifecycle so they could be designed in for many years. Additionally the technology needs to be able to perform within extended temperature ranges of -40ºC to +85ºC, have low power requirements and slim form-factors.

Our solution

APC works with the client on a rolling project basis, presenting new technologies to the customer as they come on stream, with the ultimate aim of assisting the client to update their end products to maintain and grow their market position.

APC supports their product development for both Zone 1 and Zone 2 products, including end-customer specific tailored solutions. As a long-standing premier channel partner for Advantech embedded solutions we are able to specify and supply Advantech products that are highly expandable and customisable, with small minimum order quantities, the latest processing performance and longevity of supply which minimises the need for re-certification.

APC is currently in discussion regarding next generation slim, ruggedised displays and GPS/asset tagging solutions.

This working relationship is an excellent example of how we add value to our clients. As a premier channel partner for Advantech we have been able to offer our customer supported pricing, additional technical support and customisation with a direct line to the Advantech R&D team

Amanda Dunn, Embedded Product Specialist, APC Smartwave

Advantech products used:

> 2.5″ Pico-ITX (Advantech’s MI/O-Ultra) single board computers (MIO-2262, MIO-3260)

> Computer on Module, COM Express compact boards (SOM-5892, SOM-5897, SOM-6898)


Custom solutions: replacement of memory and heat-sink for alternative products, multiple custom BIOS, TPM compliance, customer-specific part-numbering for ordering

APC Technology Group plc

APC is a Premier Channel Partner for Advantech

As a Premier Channel Partner we are approved by Advantech to provide technical and commercial advice and sales of Advantech products to our customers.

Our Advantech specialists can help find the optimum product and configuration for your project. For technical guidance and product sales contact us on:

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