Critical asset monitoring reduces failures

Critical asset monitoring reduces failures

Minimise Solutions developed and installed a bespoke real-time critical asset monitoring system to help this nationwide mail delivery organisation drive business continuity efficiencies within its portfolio of standby generators.

The brief

With mail sorting facilities working 24/7 across the UK, this organisation has a large standby generator portfolio. In 2014, Minimise Solutions was appointed to work with the organisation’s estates team to design and deliver a real-time remote energy monitoring system that would become a cornerstone of its ongoing energy efficiency programme.

Under the programme, all parties are tasked with identifying new opportunities to extend the technology to further improve energy efficiencies and improve critical asset management. To bring standby generators within the programme Minimise Solutions was tasked with developing a new IoT system incorporating fast response reporting and instigating a 38-site trial.

Minimise Solutions’ response

Minimise Solutions developed a bespoke, next generation IoT asset monitoring system. Based on the successful Minimise Monitoring and Control System, the wireless configuration works by collecting data via radio frequency from a range of status sensors attached to the generator units, site mains and fuel storage system.

This latest system reports via a newly developed UPS gateway which collects data in real-time and transfers it to a cloud-based portal. Critically, the system will run during power outages, continuing to gather data to show the status and condition of back-up power provision.

The new system provides generator condition data including ‘standby condition’, ‘general fault’, ‘mains’ and ‘fuel status’. It will show in real-time that each system is available, online and clear of faults which would prevent operation when called for. It also provides “instantaneous” notifications to both plant managers, engineers and M&E contractors, as an early warning of any issues, ensuring continuity of operations, reducing the potential for lost revenue and minimising maintenance costs.

The monitoring system is now collecting and reporting data constantly, giving a much clearer picture of generator estate condition. It has already highlighted a number of issues which had been missed by the conventional methods previously in place

Tim James, Project Manager, Minimise Solutions

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