Radar Sensors and Doppler Devices

APC Technology Group offers a wide range of radar sensors/doppler devices, transceivers and systems to 86GHz for movement, range, speed and distance measurement.

  • We offer a standard range of 24GHz movement and industrial sensors for speed detection, security and lighting applications.
  • Planar radar sensors, K-Band measuring equipment, low-cost doppler transceivers and simulators.
  • 77GHz modules for automotive applications.
  • Radar signal processors, test and measurement systems and antennas.
  • State-of-the-art digital and superheterodyne transceivers.
  • Custom solutions to 86GHz are available.
  • Typical applications include security alarms, traffic movement detectors, traffic lights and pedestrian controlled crossings, perimeter security, industrial sensors and analyser systems, sports measurement equipment, automotive and many more.

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