Medical grade components, power supplies & systems

Medical grade components, power supplies & systems

Electronic Components, Products and Systems for the Medical Market

APC has a long heritage of supplying the NHS, research hospitals and medical equipment manufacturers with a broad range of products that meet demanding specifications within medical and healthcare settings.

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APC is also able to support medical equipment builders and healthcare system engineers with Advantech’s leading iHealthcare range.

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We can support your organisation to help protect your staff, ready your workplaces and reassure your customers with our range of PPE equipment. We can supply:

  • Protective plexiglass screens

  • Full face visors

  • FFP2 and FFP1 respirator masks


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APC Technology Group plc
Electronic Components:

Coaxial filters and interconnects
Power filters
Microflex flexi connectors
Dome switches and dome rays
Volumetric flow and oxygen sensors
Push buttons, tact switches, rockers and toggles

APC Technology Group plc
Power Supplies & Systems

Embedded AC-DC converters
External AC-DC power supplies
DC-DC and AC-DC converters
Uninterruptible power supplies
Mobile medical power systems

APC Technology Group plc
Data, Signal & Power Connectors

M Series- power
HSK-INOX hygienic glands
Han F&B range

APC Technology Group plc
Finished Systems

Point of care medical computers
Medical PCs and displays
Medical tablets
Medical carts
Intelligent battery solutions/mobile power systems
Relay output module
Infection control keyboard and mouse

To speak to our technical sales team specialising in electronic components, connectors, power supplies and systems for medical equipment contact APC Technology Group on: