Components for space applications

Components for space applications

APC Technology Group has a 36 year heritage in the design-in, specification and distribution of specialist electronic components, products and systems for aerospace, space, military and defence applications.

Our engineer-led technical sales teams have extensive pedigrees designing-in components and products into space programmes including:

  • ExoMars
  • BepiColombo
  • EarthCARE
  • Galileo ground segment

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3D PLUS has an impressive 18 year’ heritage within the space sector, achieving preferred supplier status for the European Space Agency and sending more than 125,000 modules into space. 3D PLUS products feature advanced high density microelectronics and bare die and package stacking technologies to meet the demands of high reliability and performance in low weight and a very small size.
APC Technology Group plc
API Technologies is an ESCC qualified manufacturer. Their plants in the USA and UK are two of only fifteen MIL-PRF-38534 Class K manufacturing facilities in the world. API’s rad- hard power conversion and control products are designed for extreme environmental conditions and radiation exposure.
  • RF/Microwave filters
  • Mixers
  • Amplifiers
  • Microwave diodes
  • Limiters
  • Rotary joints
  • Power dividers and couplers
  • Magnetics
  • Rad-tolerant SAW products
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APC Technology Group plc
Calramic specialises in high voltage ceramic capacitors ranging from 500V to 20,000V. These space level ultra high reliability capacitors come in a variety of C-V values and sizes, and can be used for TWTA, spectroscopy and propulsion within space applications.
  • High voltage multilayer ceramic: surface mount, leaded, chip
  • High voltage disc ceramic: disc leaded
APC Technology Group plc
For decades Custom Electronics Inc has provided capacitors for space applications including twt amplifiers. With low outgassing and a very stable performance over temperature they are designed to deliver high reliability performance.
  • Mica paper capacitors
  • Molded and potted capacitors
  • Wrap and fill capacitors
APC Technology Group plc
First Sensor has over 50 years of application expertise and experience in aerospace technology. Products are stress tested, with screening and qualification to ESA standards. The use of thick-film hybrid technology built in Europe, (so ITAR free) enables the construction of very small, robust and ultra-reliable electronic modules and circuits. There is a rich heritage of space use with the position-sensitive diodes including NuSTAR, Mars Express, Herschel, FIREBIRD, DEOS, Sentinel, Rosetta and many others.
  • Optical sensors
  • Position-sensitive diodes
  • Inertial sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Power MOSFETs
  • HV diodes
APC Technology Group plc
Meinberg designs and produces network time servers (running NTP and IEEE1588), PCI and PCI express slot cards, USB connected devices and industrial synchronisation systems used in a wide range of applications. This includes critical network time and frequency synchronisation for ground based space applications with support for multiple IRIG timecode (A, B, and G), as well as IEEE and AFNOR timecodes.
APC Technology Group plc
Micropac is certified as a NASA Core Supplier and is qualified to Class K for MIL-PRF-38534 and JAN S for MIL-PRF-19500. Micropac has supplied space level microcircuit modules and components since the mid 1970s and its products have been used on mission critical applications including launch vehicles, spacecraft, Mars rovers, the International Space Station, spacesuits and space telescopes.
  • Rad tolerant opto couplers
  • Photo diodes and detectors
  • High voltage rad tolerant optocouplers
  • Solid state power controllers
APC Technology Group plc
Modular devices have been supplying space grade hybrids since 1984 and have since supplied product for over 100 missions with 1000’s of modules fl ying in space. Their proton rad-hard patented technology has provided reliable power solutions from Cubesat to Interplanetary missions.
  • Isolated DC-DC power supplies from 6W to 500W
  • Choice of power bus options:14V 28V 50V 75V and 120V space station
  • POL ranging 2W to 30W
  • Custom power solutions
APC Technology Group plc
Nicomatic is certified EN9100:2016. Its interconnect solutions, particularly its CMM and DMM micro-connectors, are adapted for usage in outer space and have been successfully used in satellites, simulators, communication units, optical sensors, robotics, HD cameras and controllers. Their products are oxygen free, high resistance at high temperature and have polyphenylene sulfide insulator properties, recognised for space applications. The clear benefits are modularity, high density pin count and low mass.
  • CMM connectors
  • DMM connectors
APC Technology Group plc
As a manufacturer of hi-rel ceramic capacitors since 1980, Presidio off ers a complete source of ceramic capacitors for space applications with extensive space heritage.
  • ‘T’ level 49470 switch mode power supply capacitors
  • Space level ceramic chip capacitors
  • Space level microwave single layer and broadband
  • DC blocking capacitors
  • Space level cryogenic capacitors
  • MIL qualifi cations, NASA S-311-P-829 specifi ed and DSCC listed capacitors
APC Technology Group plc
Q-tech have been producing hybrid timing circuits since 1972 and have more QPL listed parts than any other oscillator manufacturer. Screening to MIL STD 790 Mil STD 55310.
  • SAW, PLL, PLL integrated with internal TCXO or OCXO
  • Output options include LVPECL, LVDS and CMOS
  • Multiple outputs
  • Miniature and ultra miniature oscillators including fully qualified 5x7mm package
APC Technology Group plc
State of the Art became the fi rst resistor manufacturer in 1987 to be qualifi ed for space level resistors. SOTA regularly provides devices with options TCR for thick fi lm from 100 to 300 ppm/°C and thin fi lm from +/-25 to 100ppm/°C.
  • Zero ohm resistors
  • Thick fi lm resistors to MIL PRF 914
  • Thin fi lm resistors to MIL PRF 55342 and 32159
  • 914 resistor networks
APC Technology Group plc
Teledyne off er QML V and COTs space manufacturing fl ows for a range of products. Working with a growing number of partners including: Peregrine, MACOM, Gan Systems, Micron, ISSI, Everspin and more.
  • RF including LNA, gain blocks, limiters, switches
  • PLLs, frequency synthesizer, frequency multipliers
  • Power POL
  • GAN transistors
APC Technology Group plc
Vanguard Electronics supplies magnetics for space that are DSCC qualifi ed with Mil PRF 83446 and M27/256 and have a wide range of options including:
  • SMD leaded chokes, coils
  • RF/Microwave frequency magnetics
  • Ultra small high power HILO series and SHILO
  • Pulse and data product
  • Ferrite beads

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