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2 Symbols Correction capacity Reed Solomon

3DIPEC0726-1 is a Reed Solomon encoding and decoding IP core designed to provide protection for data storage in space applications. Reed Solomon is a block code, the transmitted codeword is divided in block of data called symbols. Symbols are coded on several bits as elements of a Galois field. The Reed Solomon IP is based on the Galois field GL (2^4), symbols are coded on 4 bits and the maximum size of a message after encoding is 15 symbols (60 bits).

The Reed Solomon IP core offers the possibility to address data bus with more than 60 bits by implementing several encoder or decoder inside the same IP. Thus the size of a symbol is a quarter of the ECC size. To be able to detect and correct 2 symbols in error, 4 symbols are added to the codeword.

The Reed Solomon decoder indicates when an incorrigible error is detected. An incorrigible error is when at least two symbols have been modified. Not all of incorrigible errors are detected. The Reed Solomon decoder has a configurable output delay in number of clock cycle. Add delay enables the decoder to reach higher clock frequencies. The IP provide two entities, the encoding entity reed_solomon_encoder_4symb and the decoding entity reed_solomon_decoder_4symb.

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Attribute Value
Temperature Range
  • 0°C to +70°C
  • -40°C to +85°C
  • -40°C to +105°C
  • Configurable input data size
  • Configurable ECC size
  • symbol correction capacity, symbol size is half the size of ECC
  • Decoder indicates when a symbol is corrected
  • Decoder indicates when an incorrigible error is detected
  • Encoder is a combinatory entity
  • Configurable output delay for decoder
Product Type Reed Solomon IP Core
Package IP Core
More Information
Attribute Value
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