Data-driven energy efficiency solutions

Data-driven energy efficiency solutions

Minimise Solutions

Minimise Solutions helps organisations manage their use of energy more efficiently and profitably.

Our expert team offers a range of strategic and advisory services, backed by innovative technologies to monitor, measure, analyse and verify energy usage.

Using the intelligence we gather, we help clients achieve success in their energy efficiency programmes, drive continuous improvement, meet legislative requirements and deliver targeted financial savings.


Intelligence, innovation, results

Minimise Solutions helps organisations:

  • Identify and audit energy usage – from building energy audits to on-going real-time energy, conditions and asset monitoring, we provide robust data to help organisations understand their usage, prioritise improvements and validate results.
  • Measure and verify performance – adhering to leading international professional standards in measurement and verification, our team of CMVPs provide high quality, proof of performance to hold suppliers to account, inform future investment strategy and provide certainty to management, customers, stakeholders and investors.
  • Meet legislative requirements – delivering strategic advice and specialist resources our energy consultants help organisations meet reporting and legislative requirements including ESOS compliance, CSR reporting, ISO5001 certification and carbon reduction commitments.
  • Structure, implement and manage energy efficiency projects and programmes – drawing on extensive expertise in the creation and operational management of energy saving agreements, we help clients deliver high-performing energy reduction programmes that assure success and achieve continual efficiency improvements and savings.
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Our combination of strategic consultancy, product solutions and performance measurement and verification enables us to deliver at both advisory and implementation levels. To find out how we can help your business, contact us today