UK Premiere Channel Partner

UK Premiere Channel Partner

Providing Enhanced Technical Support And Customisation For Advantech Products

Since 2005, APC Embedded has been the leading franchised distributor for Advantech embedded products and displays within the UK.

As a result, we provide our clients with enhanced technical support and customisation for their projects, leveraging our close relationship with the Advantech Research and Development team. In addition, APC Embedded are able to offer supported pricing to your purchasing team.

APC Technology Group plc

Advantech Premiere Channel Partner

As an Advantech Premier Channel Partner, we have been recognised as a reliable and professional provider. Since 2005, we have been approved to provide comprehensive technical and commercial advice and sales of Advantech products in the UK. Our own Advantech specialist team provide expertise and design-in support for a number of components including;

For more information about working with our team of Advantech specialists or for assistance with finding products and configurations for your project, contact us today: