Advantech ARK-2250V in-vehicle case study

Advantech ARK-2250V in-vehicle case study

Smart ticketing and fleet management systems using Advantech’s ARK-2250V

All over the world, a rapid change in intelligent transportation continues to take place. Many transportation and fleet companies have found themselves held back by limitations in infrastructure such as on-board payment and surveillance systems. For one bus company running first-class and executive-class busses with an estimated six thousand vehicles, an ambitious expansion plan required a new onboard system which could handle:

  • Onboard ticketing
  • Intelligent fleet management system to ensure safe and efficient operations
  • Anti-vibration and anti-shock
  • Wide operating temperatures
  • The ability to relay real-time information, such as vehicle location and routes being taken
  • The monitoring of vital vehicle information such as fuel levels, engine temperatures, voltages and speed

The customer required a reliable system with product and component longevity support. The environmental regulations for in-vehicle applications are strict, as well as being enabled to use wireless communications such as 3G/LTE and GPS on the move. Their planned vehicle upgrades would enable the operators’ control centre to remain informed of the health of their fleet and enable them to respond to situations that fall outside of set criteria.

The Advantech solution

The ARK-2250V fanless embedded in-vehicle computer was an ideal system to meet the challenges of this project. The ARK-2250V delivers the latest Intel processor computing capability and incorporates designs unique for an in-vehicle environment. It offers ignition power management, 9 ~ 36Vdc wide power input with isolation, EMARK, and IEC 60721 5M3 shock/vibration proof certification. The system also supports up to 4 IP ports for on-board cameras. Additionally, the ARK-2250V supports wireless communication for fleet tracking, supporting GPS, G-sensor, Wi-Fi, and 3G/LTE connectivity.

All Advantech fanless embedded computers are integrated with IoT software applications such as WISE-PaaS/RMM for remote monitoring and management and WISE-PaaS/Security for centralised security management, which protects the system against cyber-attacks and safeguards the system settings and data integrity if unexpected system failures occur. Customers can also choose to use Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services as their cloud service platform, supported by Advantech software products.

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Benefits of selecting the ARK-2250V

  • High computing power and memory support for fleet tracking and ticketing systems
  • On-board GPS/GNSS module for location detection, enabling map-based fleet tracking
  • Detects fleet movement and deviations from pre-set criteria, such as erroneous route selections, speeding, idling and delays in schedules
  • Preinstalled IoT software platform enables easy and fast connection in fulfilling remote monitoring functions
More about the ARK-2250V

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