MIO-2361 military application

MIO-2361 military application

Military Surveillance Controller Using MIO-2361 2.5” Pico-ITX Rugged Single Board Computer

A military solutions provider with design and manufacturing experience spanning more than 30-years’ required an embedded SBC with an ultra-small form factor and low power consumption.

In addition, the Single Board Computer needed an extended operating temperature -40° to 85°C and significant I/O capabilities such as:

  • Dual LAN
  • Sufficient UARTs and GPIO
  • Flexible expansion such as M.2 E-key for WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • mSATA storage compatibility

With a heritage in building tactical computers for use on the ground as well as in the air, the client specialised in integrating commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment into customized, rugged products in order to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for their end-customers. The client was expected to provide a proof of concept system for their end-user in order to test, qualify and gain approval within an extremely tight schedule.

The Advantech solution

As an Intel IoT Solutions Alliance Premier Member, Advantech had access to the latest roadmaps, CPUs and chipsets. For this project, Advantech received direct support from Intel, who offered the perfect fit with the new MIO-2361. MIO-2361 is a 2.5” Pico-ITX SBC which utilises onboard LPDDR4 memory and eMMC flash, making it ideal for use in rugged mobile environments where shock and vibration are constant concerns. This SBC was used as a controller for large-scale surveillance applications and communicated with the rest of the system through various communication interfaces, such as serial ports and GPIO. It was controlled remotely via Ethernet by a main control system.

Because of its wide operating environment temperature range (-40° to 85°C), the MIO-2361 SBC could be used in completely sealed aluminium housing which required no ventilation or fans for cooling.  It proved to be a very robust platform for use across a range of extreme temperatures. In addition to its original military intent, MIO-2361 is suitable for other harsh environment applications where a compact, all-in-one embedded solution is desireable – such as border control and industrial use.

Advantech delivered a sample with all necessary user manual and I/O definitions and related drivers to the customer in just two weeks, meeting the customer’s demanding project schedule. Following a positive initial test of the proof of concept device, the final working sample was delivered to the client’s end customer on time, with a potential total demand of a further 2000 units.

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