WISE-PaaS Alliance is the IoT partner program launched by Advantech that helps partners solve IoT application challenges and take those applications to market.

There are four major offerings in this program:

  • Diverse Software Solution
  • Eco-System Partner Collaboration
  • Marketing and Business Engagement
  • Comprehensive Developer Services

With six Diversify Software Solutions, partners can unify different protocol standards, thus enabling data, image, device and network management, and ensuring that IoT device and data infrastructure is reliable and scalable. Another key objective is to expedite IoT application development. Alliance programs provide comprehensive development service, including development tools, professional consultant and technical support service and VIP IoT Developer Forum. Program members leverage the Advantech’s marketing platform to generate product awareness, and also engage with local salespeople for sales leads and opportunities.

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ARM MBED Cloud Services

mbed IoT Device Platform Services – Preliminary

  • All the mbed cloud services are based on security mechanisms
  • Trusted device identification, device on-boarding and service provisioning
  • Powerful, secure and energy efficient device management service, built for a range of devices
  • Ensure long product lifetime with cost-effective, secure and reliable software update

mbed Cloud is an IoT device management capability delivered as a service from the Cloud.

APC Technology Group plc


IoT Security Management – Preliminary

WISE-PaaS/Security, empowered by Intel ® Security, is a scalable, extendable, and low overhead software solution that enables centralized security management, monitoring, and reporting for IoT devices. The powerful web-based console, ePolicy Orchestrator, can help you to easily deploy security applications, configure policies and tasks, control updates, and monitor events for all managed systems

  • Fast and easy to remotely deploy/configure security policies for each device
  • Centralised management on Azure/Cloud
  • Monitor and report managed client data
APC Technology Group plc


Over-the-Air Software Upgrade Management Services – Preliminary

  • Console-Server-Agent structure, in which the server can be in either public or private cloud
  • 100% web-based remote software updating
  • Centralised application, provisioning, firmware, driver, and BSP updates
  • Encrypted protection for updates
  • HTTPS, FTPS, MQTTS enabled for web security
  • Easy integration with 3rd party storage server such as FTP
  • Supports exception rollback for remote deployment
  • Supports automatic and scheduled update modes
  • Supports incremental updates
  • Supports script updating
  • Supports up to 50-devices (IPC, IoT Gateway) with simultaneous updating
  • Agent supports multiplatform, such as Windows 7/8/10
  • RESTful API web service for further development and integration with other systems

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Microsoft Azure

IoT Cloud Platform Services – Preliminary

  • Launch Windows Server and Linux virtual machines in minutes
  • App Service and Web Apps create and deploy solutions that scale with your business
  • Reliable, economical cloud storage for data
  • Azure IoT hub connects, monitors, and controls millions of IoT assets
  • Stream analytics provides real-time stream processing in the cloud
  • Powerful, cloud-based machine learning builds and deploys predictive analytic solutions

Advantech is partnering with Microsoft ® Azure as the IaaS and also PaaS solution provider through the Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) Program in order to offer diverse functions for IoT applications.

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IoT Device Remote Monitoring and Management Platform * NEW *

  • Cloud-based centralised remote IPC, IoT device HW & SW status monitoring and management
  • Remote KVM and support for Intel® iAMT (i5 and i7)
  • Remote power on/off and scheduling
  • Whitelist system protection & system backup and one-click recovery
  • Supports device maps (Google, Baidu, floor map…)
  • Data acquisition and data storage; historical data statistics and queries
  • IoT data visualisation and 10+ dashboard widgets supported
  • Supports hierarchical server management and redundant servers
  • Supports up to 1000 device connections (IPC, IoT Gateway)
  • RESTful API web service and WISE agent framework for cross-platform connectivity and integration

> Visit the Advantech website for additional technical details

APC Technology Group plc

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