Power management ICs

Power management ICs

Power management ICs

APC Embedded offers a wide range of power management IC products with ultra small footprints and low current consumption for use in consumer, industrial and automotive applications from leading manufacturer Ablic Inc.

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Products include:

Switching Regulators (DC-DC Converters) provide low voltage operation, high speed response and high efficiency. They have a range of products suitable for wearable and portable devices including ultra high efficiency, step down type products with ultra low consumption current of 260 nA and a supply divided output that divides the battery voltage.

  • Low voltage operation, 0.9V to 16V input
  • Output voltages of 0.7V to 6.5V
  • High speed response to load fluctuations
  • High efficiency with light load, auto switch PWM/PFM
  • Step up and step down
  • Built in transistor or with external transistor

Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs) are recognised in the industry as high accuracy, low current consumption and compact packages.

  • World leader in voltage detector sales
  • Low current consumption of 270 nA
  • Input voltages from 0.8V to 10V
  • High detection voltage accuracy of ±0.5%

Voltage Regulators (LDO Regulators) feature low current consumption, high withstand voltage, wide operating voltage range, super small packages and high ripple rejection ratio. Their LDO regulators contribute to the low power, stable operation and high reliability of power supply circuits.

  • The world’s smallest class 0.8 x 0.8 x 0.4 mm
  • High mounting strength and high power dissipation
  • Linear and LDO type voltage regulators
  • Input voltages from 1.2V – 50V
  • Output voltages from 0.8V-16V

Lithium-ion Battery Protection ICs The range includes approximately 1,750 ICs covering a range of cell counts, applications and protection functions.

  • 600+ battery protection IC products
  • High accuracy, low current consumption
  • ICs with built in delay timer
  • Battery protection, secondary protection, voltage monitoring and overcurrent monitoring
  • For 1/2/3/4/5 cell protection and for multi serial cell pack monitoring

Watchdog Timers have a reset function featuring selectable window or timeout modes. Due to the ultra low current consumption, watchdog timers are optimal for microcontroller monitoring systems.

  • Timeout and window mode are selectable
  • Super low current consumption 3.8 (A) typ

Power Sequencers control the power up and down timing of power supply sequence operation. The ‘enable output’ signal is activated every delay time by inputting an external signal.

  • Low current consumption of 3.0 (A) typ
  • Enables various sequence operations

Boost Charge Pump ICs provide various power supplies, including boost voltage, by using multiple external capacitors. ABLIC’s boost charge pump ICs utilise multiple external capacitors to provide various power supplies such as constant current and boost voltage.

  • Boost charge pump for energy harvesting
  • Double boost charge pump

Composite ICs The battery backup switching ICs are CMOS ICs designed for use in the switching circuits of primary and backup power supplies. The range of VCOM buffer amplifier and battery backup ICs provide:

  • Constant voltage power supply or reset circuit of battery powered equipment, VTR, camera, communications equipment and others
  • Lithium-ion secondary battery pack
APC Technology Group plc

In 2015 ABLIC Inc inherited the Seiko Instruments Inc semiconductor business becoming one of the world’s leading analogue semiconductor manufacturers. Since 1970 ABLIC has been producing small, low power consumption, high precision analogue semiconductor products. Their strength lies in the low current consumption, low voltage operation and ultra small package technologies.

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