Ultracapacitors from APC Embedded

Ultracapacitors from APC Embedded


Available in the UK from APC Embedded, Ioxus iCAP ultracapacitors, iMOD modules and THiNCAP products are optimised for higher power density, higher energy density and voltage levels.

Ioxus designs and manufactures smart power solutions based on its widely used ultracapacitor technology and has a strong focus on innovation and R&D.

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The Ioxus uSTART is a system designed to dramatically increase the starting reliability of trucks and machines. It provides a stable voltage on the electrical bus, the energy needed to start the vehicle, reduces starter and battery replacement needs by 2x and includes road-side jump start capabilities. Designed and tested for fleets, starting with class 3-6, the unit replaces one Group 31 battery.

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Ioxus modules have a high voltage range, can deliver and absorb a high current, can perform under a wide range of climate conditions and have a long life cycle. They are designed to hold multiple cells to attain any voltage requirement in the most efficient way possible. APC offers several highly effective Ioxus modules, ranging from 16V to 128V.

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Ioxus THiNCAP cells are lightweight, high power and high energy density cells using a prismatic pouch design, complete with a patented vent which allows gas to escape during use to maintain a long product life. These cells are designed to be used in modules only and Ioxus has a number of THiNCAP modules ranging from 54V to 216V using the THiNCAP cells.

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