Improve vehicle starting reliability with uSTART

Improve vehicle starting reliability with uSTART


Ioxus uSTART available from APC Embedded is a system designed to dramatically increase the starting reliability of trucks and machines and provides a stable voltage on the electrical bus, the energy needed to start the vehicle, reduces starter and battery replacement needs by 2x, and includes road-side jump start capabilities. Designed and tested for fleets, starting with class 3-6, the unit replaces one Group 31 battery.

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Product information:

uSTART® is an ultracapacitor based battery support module. uSTART improves battery life by reducing the cycling of battery, maintaining a higher vehicle voltage during crank and under a wide range of load conditions. It supplies nearly all of the cranking current during engine starts. For short stops, such as during a delivery, the uSTART provides the energy to the electrical bus to support ancillary devices until a crank is initiated. uSTART stores a relatively small amount of energy compared with a battery, but it delivers engine cranking current.

uSTART benefits:

  • Increased reliability – prevents stranded vehicles, starts in the harshest of conditions
  • Increased efficiency – powers hundreds of Stop/Start events per day, ideal for delivery vehicles
  • Rapid payback – Keeps your trucks rolling, battery life doubled, starter life doubled
  • Built-in, no service call, “jump start” – even with a dead battery
  • 10 minute installation– direct battery replacement (2 Wire). No rewiring needed

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