Electromagnetic integrated solutions

Electromagnetic integrated solutions

Electromagnetic Integrated Solutions

APC Hi-Rel provides electromagnetic integrated solutions from one of the world’s leading providers of custom application-specific EMI filter solutions API TechnologiesAPI not only manufactures the industry’s most complete line of coaxial EMI components, power surface mount filters, filtered connectors, filtered arrays, power filters and EMC testing services, but also has an expanded offering of ceramic capacitors, filtered and unfiltered interconnects, and magnetics.

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Coaxial Filters

API’s coaxial filters are made up of surface mount filters designed to provide a range of high performance EMI filtering options with a minimal PCB footprint and low pass filters.

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From off the shelf low cost and low profile filter plates for board to board connections to fully filtered and custom specific range of D-Subs and Circular connectors we are able to provide a single solution to your connector and filtering requirements.

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Power Filters

API power filters, available from APC Hi-Rel, are easy to install, are RoHS compliant and available in different models.

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Ceramic Capacitors

Our range of ceramic capacitors includes discoidal feed-through caps, tubes (F/T and Pi configurations), SMPS caps and planar caps.

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Magnetics, Inductions and Transformers

APC provides a variety of transformers, inductors, choke, coils and custom solutions – offering extensive design and manufacturing capabilities. This includes a wide range of magnetic core materials and winding wire from 6 to 45 gauge with many coatings, leads and terminations.

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